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Heidi, Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chaplin?

Swiss School Consulting is excited to launch a new series of NEWS articles focused on famous individuals who have a special connection to Switzerland. We hope you will enjoy reading them and that it will spark your curiosity about Switzerland and potential synergies we can develop together!

Welcome to Switzerland, a country full of natural wonders, historic cities, fascinating cultures, and of course, delicious cheese and exquisite chocolate and not to mention the quality of its education! Today, Swiss School Consulting has a surprise for you: famous characters from around the world will introduce you to this beautiful country and its hidden treasures in the coming weeks!

Among the famous characters who will be your tour guides is the illustrious Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the famous fictional detective created by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is known for his exceptional deductive abilities, but today he will transform into a tour guide to show you the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps. With him, you can explore the region’s most popular ski slopes and discover the magnificent panoramic views that the Swiss mountains offer.

Another guide will be a character of a very different nature. It’s the beautiful and talented Heidi, the little girl from the Swiss mountains. Heidi, created by Swiss writer Johanna Spyri, will accompany you to the picturesque villages of the Swiss Alps. With her, you can meet the local residents, discover Swiss cultural traditions, and taste delicious local cuisine.

Charlie Chaplin, the legend of silent cinema, will also be joining the party! Although Charlie Chaplin was born in England, he spent many years in Switzerland, where he lived and worked until the end of his life. Charlie Chaplin will take you to the town of Vevey, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, where he lived for many years. With him, you can discover his favorite places, such as the Chaplin Museum dedicated to him, as well as the many cafes and restaurants where he liked to spend time.

These three famous characters, and many others, will introduce you to the hidden wonders of Switzerland, whether you’re looking for adventure, culture, or relaxation. We hope this unique experience will allow you to fall in love with this beautiful country, as we already have. But for everything related to Swiss education, it’s Swiss School Consulting – 😊

PS: In our next NEWS, Roger Federer will introduce you to Switzerland