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Swiss boarding schools : Lemania College – Lausanne

Every year, families from all over the world put their trust in Swiss School Consulting to offer their children the best possible opportunity for a successful education in Switzerland.

Dubai, Jakarta, Madrid, Athens, Paris, these are just a few examples of where our families come from, and they all appreciate the personalised relationship we offer them and the privileged contacts we have with a large network of Swiss private schools.

Nothing would be possible without close collaboration with our partners, the Swiss private schools, and we begin a non-exhaustive series of presentations of some of the schools with which Swiss School Consulting has the privilege of collaborating.

Preparatory Year – English only

Students can start the Preparatory Year at any time during the year This programme is for Grade 10 students who are planning to take the IB Diploma. During Prep Year, students learn how to manage their time and handle the workload for revision, exams and homework. If English is not your mother tongue, students improve their level of English and become more confident, begin to understand their own strengths and preferences before deciding on their choice of the six IB Diploma subjects.


International Baccaulaureat Diploma – English only

The programme consists of six groups of subjects chosen from languages, mathematics, sciences and humanities and business subjects. Subjects are taken at higher or standard level and the academic rigor prepares students for university study and helps them to be receptive to views and traditions of other communities. Personal development is also a strong component and through the CAS module, students participate in community activity.



Pré-maturité is a one- or two-semester preparatory class for Maturité candidates who do not meet all the requirements for a solid start to their studies. The first semester can be used as an orientation period, making it easier for students to identify their needs, possibilities and skills. The special feature of this class is its emphasis on the basic subjects: mathematics, French and at least two foreign languages. The program also includes the study of the humanities and scientific subjects.


Maturité suisse & Maturité bilingue

The Lemania School has developed a semester-based study plan for the Swiss Maturité. Candidates begin their training in the first year, which is made up of 2 semester modules, namely classes 4 and 3, followed by successive semesters called classes 2, 1 and CM (Maturité class), enabling a truly modular approach to training. This specific syllabus enables different entries to be organized during the year, taking into account the skills previously acquired by candidates. For candidates with a good level of English (B2), the bilingual maturité remains a very attractive option.


Etudes secondaires

Our proactive pedagogical approach is personality-oriented, and our teaching focuses on developing each student’s potential. A climate of trust between students and teachers is essential. Secondary education means opting for quality supervision that stimulates students and helps them acquire real skills.


French Baccalauréat

The French Baccalauréat is an excellent alternative to the Swiss Maturité, offering you a wide choice of options, known as “specialties”. After a core curriculum, you can tailor your baccalauréat to suit your profile and expectations. We’ve specially selected the subjects on offer to give you access to Swiss universities, while allowing you to develop your personal talents.


Boarding School

Being a boarding student offers teenagers a structured life. It helps to take away the many choices and influences they may have and good habits become compulsory in clas, studytime, leisure and sports. Our boarding school, spread over two floors (one for girls and one for boys), offers a warm atmosphere in a family-friendly setting. We offer three categories of welcoming, spacious and comfortable single and double rooms, with magnificent views of Lake Geneva, the Alps or the Jura. Our housekeeping team guarantees daily cleaning of rooms and common areas, as well as a weekly laundry and ironing service for personal linen. All rooms are supplied with sheets and towels