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Undoubtedly, Swiss private schools, which leverage “Switzerland” as a marketing asset alongside the recognized quality of their services, will swiftly adopt the identity of the brand newly developed to promote tourism in Switzerland, integrating it as one of their new communication tools.

After nearly three decades of tourism promotion under the auspices of the golden flower, the year 2024 marks a new era for Switzerland. More than just a symbol, the launch of “Switzerland” enables Switzerland to establish, for the first time, a comprehensive tourism brand universe. This new identity is now being rolled out globally.

The iconic golden flower logo, which had long been a ubiquitous symbol accompanying Switzerland’s promotion, now gives way to a digital and decidedly contemporary brand, embodying Switzerland’s longstanding tourism tradition focused on nature.

With “Switzerland,” Swiss Tourism has opted for the creation of a unique and identifiable digital brand universe. This initiative represents a logical progression from the creation of the golden flower in 1995. For the first time, a complete brand set replaces a simple logo, which will undoubtedly be quickly adopted by the parents of future students who choose Switzerland as their study destination.

Exclusively in English and the logical foundation of this new tourism brand, it encapsulates the overarching promise made to all travelers visiting Switzerland, emphasizing nature, reliability, hospitality, and Swiss identity. The logo, where the letter “T” is replaced by a Swiss cross, symbolizes Switzerland’s trustworthy origin and optimism as a destination. This cross, enlarged and adorned with a palette of five tones ranging from red to pink, evokes modernity, diversity, and autonomy.

It not only represents a brand for the Swiss destination but also a symbol for an entire new generation, facilitating visitors’ orientation and strengthening trust between them and service providers. Offering multiple opportunities across all channels, this new identity will be gradually rolled out globally over the coming months.