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Today, it’s Roger Federer Act II!

Swiss School Consulting is pleased to present the second episode of a new series of NEWS that are dedicated to well-known figures who have a special connection with Switzerland. We hope that you enjoy reading them and that they will strengthen your curiosity about Switzerland and potential synergies that we can develop together!

Today, it’s Roger Federer Act II!

Here’s an excerpt from an excellent article that appeared in Paris Match in June 2022, in which Roger Federer talks about his role as an ambassador for Switzerland and his campaign with Switzerland Tourism. Text originally in French by Bélinda Gervasoni, June 23, 2022, for Paris Match.

“You surprised everyone last year with your advertising campaign for Switzerland Tourism alongside Robert De Niro! (100 million views). Why did you accept this role as an ambassador for our beautiful country?

I have always seen myself as an ambassador for Switzerland. I have always felt like I represent Switzerland, not just at the Olympics or in team competitions where you hear “play, Switzerland,” where you see the Swiss flag. During the 23 years on the circuit, seeing my name associated with this flag has been a great source of pride. So, it was obvious to me to get involved with Switzerland Tourism. I thought I would love to be part of global promotional campaigns that would allow me to showcase the beauty and diversity of Switzerland, and invite people to visit, because I am very proud that it is my homeland.

Being an ambassador for Switzerland Tourism also allows me to make new discoveries, even in my own country, where there are still so many things I would like to see. So, I didn’t need to think about it for long.

And for me, it was also essential that the contributions that Switzerland Tourism pays me for this partnership are dedicated to a good cause, the Roger Federer Foundation, so that we can carry out philanthropic projects in Switzerland.

So, you didn’t convince Robert De Niro that Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world…

On the contrary! He has already been able to see it during past stays, according to his own words, Switzerland, as a holiday destination to relax, he liked it very much. Perhaps as a backdrop with high dramatic potential, less so…, but that was the point of our film, which needs “drama” on vacation!

Okay! But do you understand that some people might say that Switzerland is a little too quiet or lacks “fun”?

It all depends on what you mean by “fun.” As a person from Basel, I have participated many times in the carnival and I can tell you that it is an event where people have a lot of fun. There are similar events in all regions of Switzerland during which the inhabitants give free rein to their imagination and show a lot of creativity. As I am a big traveler, I like Switzerland precisely for everything it brings me, its calmness and the multiple possibilities of revitalization in nature. Its beauty is synonymous with energy and joy for me.

So, yes, Switzerland is good for those who travel through it. It’s the place where I prefer to come back to feel at home. I am often asked “what is your favorite place,” “what is your favorite country,” “what is your favorite city”… In the end, I always say that my favorite place is Switzerland and that the cuisine I prefer is Swiss cuisine, simply because it is what I appreciate the most.

In Switzerland Tourism’s new commercial, we find you this time alongside the lovely Anne Hathaway. Wasn’t this Hollywood casting too stressful?

It was an immense privilege to spend time with a worldwide superstar like Anne. I was nervous because she is a great actress. But she gave me many tips and was really adorable. She was very encouraging and patient with my acting skills.

What makes you most proud of Switzerland? Chocolate? The beautiful mountains? The pretty watches? The fondue…?

I love a lot of things about my country. Of course, I love chocolate, fondue, and watches, which are the symbols of Swiss ingenuity and precision, but also of our creativity. I am always amazed by the innovation capacity of such a small country. As for nature and the mountains, it only takes one visit to Switzerland to want to come back – that’s what everyone tells me when I’m on the circuit. Finally, what I probably appreciate the most is the diversity of this country, its different cultures, languages, the variety”


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PS: In our next NEWS, James Bond will introduce you to Switzerland!”